Password storage website

Posted May 19 2024
Tech Python

The first Devlog! On this new section of my website I will be posting updates to websites I'm making in the time that the Projects section isn't getting updated.

Recently I've been creating a password storage site to keep passwords. Currently, I use a USB drive to store all my passwords in an SQL table which I use software to open, but this is quite annoying, and so I decided to make a website from it, mostly to learn about new security and safety techniques I haven't used before.

And so far I've come up with some "new" things to include on my websites which make them more secure than ever before.

The website will have the main page where a table of all passwords will be kept, with information like the account website/service, username, email, phone number. Anything that would be required for an account would be stored here.

Passwords page

Now obviously just giving the passwords directly to the user upon loading the page wouldn't be very secure if someone were to hack their account, so as of now, there is a reveal button to show a particular password, this is limited to 10 reveals in a minute otherwise you will get rate limited, if you continue to try and reveal too many passwords continuously, you will be logged out of the account. This is what I came up with to restrict the amount of passwords shown to a hacker in-case of being hacked.

User management page

To accompany this, on the user settings page there is a table of all passwords that have been revealed, location revealed by, what time and whether they were successful or not (unsuccessful would be if they got rate limited).

As of now, this is the progress on this website, updates will come soon and when finished a button will appear at the top of the page linking to the finished project page.