In January 2023 i found a game modder in an online community with a portfolio website in his bio, I looked at it and found that in the about me page it said that the site was under development to be upgraded. I took the chance and emailed him asking if I could make the website for him because I assumed that disclaimer had been there for a while.

And then a couple days later I got a response saying he would like for me to work on the website for him and so i started the development process of creating a basic UI and some colours to choose from and we went forward from there.


Over the period of a few months i developed the site to be able to host a blog, a gallery and a home page to show all of his game projects and mods.

With this being my first public website I had to do some extra things that I hadn't thought of before with security checks and input value checks but overall since this was by far not my first website public or not that I had made I didn't really have to change any of my core principles.

Although with the special effects the website has to create a more sci-fi tech look i did run into some performance issues on mobile so I had to remove some of the effects on mobile and also allow users to disable the effect, but after some feedback it turned out new users didn't like the effect so i had to disable it by default.

The finished website


example 2

Update to the website

Update example

After a while I messaged Pi0h1 asking if he would like a new theme for the website, because I thought the theme didn't look good and looked like it came right out of 2004, he said yes and I got to work on a new theme involving Neumorphism. I had known about Neumorphism for about a year at this point but hadn't put it to use on a live website, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity since the theme of Pi0h1's website was to be modern/futuristic, and to me Neumorphism was the newest theme that would soon become a trend.