My newest website is the biggest one so far, a website where users are able to store files, notes, links and hyperlinks all for free, as well as being able to message anyone.

The reason i created this website was because I needed to be able to swap files between my pc and my phone, and all of the other options seemed annoying to use, for example: Google drive goes to great lengths just to stop you from downloading a file on your phone.

The original idea was just files but then I decided I should add notes too, and after that I decided that I would add hyperlinks since I keep some links that I use often in a discord channel and then just click on them instead of searching them up individually.

Ever since working on the original idea which was going to be a site just for me or a few other users I decided that I would make it public for anyone to use, and with that I realised I needed something on the site which would make it different and make people actually want to use it, and so, the first idea was being able to share files with other users, and after that the ability to message other users and message a group of users that you are sharing files with.

And after some months of development and sharing the project with a handful of people, the first release of the site for anyone to use was published.

Screenshot of uldipo SCreenshot of uldipo